Playstation Network cards are a form of virtual currency that allows you to purchase games and games content from Playstation Store without the needs of credit card.

After receiving lots of request to give PSN cards for free, we are happy to announce that we have made it possible exclusively for you. We get these codes as a special promotion program from PlayStation Network. To get your free PSN cards, simply choose and download which cards you want from option below.


Download Free PSN Codes you want from option below:

Note : Please limit it to one code per person. You can come back after the code expired or you are run out of balance.

Admin On May - 18 - 2013

39 Responses so far.

  1. Mad man says:

    there is a survey but after I completed the survey, I really get the code. OMG. Thank you very much bro!

  2. Joseph Hunter says:

    Thanks a lot. I hope you can give more once I run out of points

  3. berry says:

    i just did the survey and finally get the codes. Yayyyy!!!

  4. henrique says:

    Merci, je reçois enfin le psn codes

  5. patrick says:

    just got $50 psn codes.. thanks man

  6. Gage Byrd says:

    Finally did the survey, get $50 PSN codes hahaha

  7. Javier says:

    Wow, got the $50 PSN codes. Thanks a lot bro!

  8. pablo says:

    i get the €50 psn code and it is working.. thanks :)

  9. ssPR1 says:

    lol thank so much for the codes. now i can get unlimited games *evil grin*

  10. vasiliev says:

    got the codes.. thanks man. two thumbs up

  11. paul says:

    yes, i get the $50 psn code also

  12. arjen says:

    I get the psn codes. thanks!

  13. Benjy says:

    thanks for the advice guys! after I did the survey, finally I get the $50 codes.. thank u so much.. love u all <3

  14. jake says:

    i got the codes thanks

  15. Nick says:

    Haha.. thanks a lot.. got $50 PSN codes

  16. carter hughes says:

    thanks i get 50 psn

  17. sonny says:

    thanks mate, i get lot of codes ^^

  18. xTheKingX says:

    finally completed the survey and get the codes haha :D

  19. leonidas3574 says:

    thanks so much dude i got $50 points
    can i do that again?????????

  20. Dre Lloyd says:

    Thanx a lot man!

  21. rodrigo says:

    i just did the surveys and got the codes. It works LOL

  22. matjiks says:

    yeaaaah! got the $50 psn code haha.. can I have one more? :D

  23. blueagardq13 says:

    OMG It works! i got the codes and it is working! Thanks you are my saviour

  24. Sami says:

    Hey mate, I got the codes.. thanks a lot. I will come back later once I use the codes :D

  25. Erick says:

    got the psn codes, thanks

  26. xBrIsKeYzees says:

    Thanks mate. The code works!

  27. UmadBRO says:

    I get $50 psn codes. I will be back after i am run out of points :)

  28. 32MAXTA says:

    thanks for $50 codes man

  29. Reynold says:

    thanks for the codes!

  30. Dylan says:


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