Microsoft Points are the official currency of Xbox Live Marketplace and Windows Marketplace. It allows you to buy Xbox Games, Games expansion material (vehicle, maps, songs) and exclusive downloadable content. You can also buy videos, music and TV episodes using Microsoft Points.

We receive massive request to give you Microsoft Points for free. Now, we are happy to announce that we have made it possible for you. These free Microsoft Points are part of special promotion program directly from Xbox. All of the Microsoft Points codes can be redeemed instantly at any region.


Download Free Microsoft Points you want from option below:


Note : Please limit it to one code per person. You can come back after the code expired or you are run out of points.

Admin On May - 16 - 2013

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  1. jhon says:

    wow i got 6000 microsoft points :) thanks a lot mate

  2. James says:

    thanks for the points

  3. callum says:

    just got the code. thanks it is valid

  4. jake says:

    wow, it works

  5. Matt says:

    yes, there is survey. but IMO it is worth it for 6000 Microsoft Points lol. Thanks a lot man

  6. Cameron says:

    I did the survey as suggested and I got the codes haha. I can’t believe it!! Just did survey and get 6000 Microsoft Points yeahhh

  7. oli says:

    point gratuit

  8. jake says:

    thanks, i got the codes

  9. nick says:

    I just got a lot of codes. thank you!

  10. Johnny says:

    ok got the codes after finishing the survey. 6000 points!!! thanks a lot man

  11. unknownlight says:

    amazing, i got the codes :))

  12. luke69 says:

    it is working. thanks for updating the codes daily

  13. ness says:

    wow thanks a lot

  14. leo says:

    wow si funciona acabo de conseguir un codigo de 6000 puntos muchas gracias

  15. Marcus says:

    ok, got 6000 points after complete the survey haha!

  16. Christian says:

    Yay! I get Microsoft points for free!!!!!!

  17. Nathan says:

    i get 6000 points. can i do the survey again to get 12.000 points? :D

  18. Francisco mendez says:

    6000 Microsoft points ! Yes!

  19. Joseph says:

    Thanks man. I got 6000 Microsoft Points

  20. bob says:

    thanks for 6000 points :)

  21. Dave says:

    it works! after i do the survey, the download starts and I get the code for 6000 microsoft points

  22. Mitchel says:

    got it! thanks

  23. Michael says:

    Holy christ! Thank you so much for the codes

  24. Alex Mason says:

    thanks a lot for the points

  25. casttag says:

    Thank you so much, man! Guys, just do the survey, after that you will automatically get the code. 6000 Microsoft Points yeah!!!

  26. John Wilson says:

    wow I can’t believe it. It really works. Really worth doing the survey for 6000 Microsoft Points. LOLOLOL

  27. thanks a lot man! just got 6000 points haha

  28. François says:

    merci, je reçois 6000 Microsoft Points :)

  29. oliver says:

    ahahaha.. I also got 6000 points.. thanks mate

  30. Dominick says:

    I got 6000 MSP… thank u

  31. Brennen says:

    guys, you need to do the survey to get 6000 points. I did and get the 6000 points codes

  32. Pete Chaplan says:

    Guys, here is the secret to get the code. You need to complete the survey. After that, you get the codes for 6000 Microsoft Points.
    I don’t mind doing survey for 6000 points. It is very worth it

  33. Alex says:

    Thanks for the code mate

  34. alex says:

    quiero microsoft points

  35. yuop says:

    there is survey, but really worth it because I got 6000 points code. thanks man

  36. Aaron says:

    Wow this actually works. I just got 6000 Microsoft Points

  37. Alan says:

    I got lots of codes in a text file. Thanks I will use it :)

  38. Ryan says:

    wow… it works.. got 6000 points.. thx a lot

  39. savage says:


  40. danny says:

    Haha… got 6000 Microsoft Points.. thanks

  41. Billy says:

    ok, I did the survey… and finally got 6000 microsoft points. thank u so much.. merci

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